Toddler Sleep Tips

Toddler Sleep tips

Here are Niamh’s 5 top tips to encourage stress free toddler bedtimes

  1. Consistent Bedtime Routine

We all learn through repetition and this is why consistency is key when helping your toddler to sleep independently.  Mixed messages make things unclear as they don’t know what to expect. Create a bedtime routine that suits your family and stick to it.  Don’t make it a convoluted process. Simple routines like Pyjamas – Drink/bedtime snack – Stories – Bed, work best.

  1. Darkness

These days it can be harder to encourage bedtime when it is still bright outside. Plan ahead. Shortly before bedtime, darken the room so that you are not trying to wind the kids down in full daylight. Use blackout blinds if you need to. Darkness encourages the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone! Encourage plenty of fresh air during the day too

  1. The Bedroom

Make sure that the bedroom is a peaceful place. There is one job to do here and that is to sleep. Too many distractions can overstimulate your little one at bedtime. Try to keep toys in the bedroom to a minimum.

  1. Nightmares

If your little one has night time fears, use a night light. But only if you have to. Remember that the darker the room, the better. We can also help them deal with nightmares by getting creative and talking about them. Children will be able to recall their nightmares the following day. Don’t ignore them. Talk about them. Get them to draw pictures and be open about their fears.

  1. Bed hoppers

If little ones are jumping in and out of bed at bedtime (and indeed overnight), get on the same page with your partner. You should both be responding to your toddler in the same manner. So, no good cop/bad cop. One message: It’s bedtime. Time for sleep.

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