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Mumpreneur Questions

Tell us your start up story? How and when did you begin?

I was working with my dad in a family business and he was away on a business trip in China last October when he died suddenly. He was 56 & I was 6 months pregnant at the time with my parents first grandchild. After he died I decided I couldn’t continue with the family business without him and wasn’t sure what to do. I had been doing treats as a hobby on & off for the past 5 years but never thought of starting it as a business venture as we were so busy.
Our baby boy was born in January this year. During the summer my mam took Gray DJ for 4 nights to give myself & my husband a little break so while the going was good we packed our bags and headed for Marbella.
Over a cocktail I asked my husband what I was going to do work wise and he simply said why not start a treat business. We thought of the name there and then and after e mail to my accountant the business was registered. That was it, Treat Boutique Dublin was born.
It had its first job on the 13th of August this year.

How did you fund your business?

At the start it was self funded from savings we had.

What would be the main challenges you face running your own business?

The main challenge is it’s 24/7 it’s very hard to switch off. It’s constant and theres no clocking off at 5pm. I don’t like to disappoint anyone and I don’t like to leave messages unanswered too long.
I could work till 2am most nights I don’t even know where the time goes.

What keeps you motivated?

Meeting and chatting to such lovely people on a daily basis. Seeing photos of my products at events and getting texts and calls from customers who are really happy with a service I have provided. For me my business is associated with good, fun & positive times. It makes me very happy and with every order that comes in it keeps me excited and motivated.

What is the best thing about running your own business?

Being your own boss, making all your own decisions. Not having to report to anyone. Working my own hours which is great especially with a young baby.

 How do you keep a work life / balance?  juggle childcare?

 I have so much support from my husband, my mam and the rest of my family and close friends. That makes life so much easier and without their support and help I couldn’t do what I do.

What are you most proud of?

How far the business has come in such a short space of time. Dealing with such amazing brands is something I never even considered when I started this business.

What are your goals for your business?

To grow the business and expand the product range and brand.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

 Be yourself. Don’t worry about what people are doing around you. Just focus on what you want and go for it. Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
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