Hospital Bag – Check List

So I’ve packed my Hospital bag! The baby is already engaged and ready to go. Sofia was two weeks early so I wanted to be organised just in case! When I got a growth scan a few weeks ago and the baby was already weighing 7.4 pounds (not sure how accurate that is) but safe to say it won’t be a small baby. If you have seen me in person you probably know that already. I am huge ha! ha! So we have decided to go with up to one month sizes for baby grows. If you haven’t had a growth scan you can always bring a selection of sizes from new born up to one month.  This is my second time around so I’m not going to pack like I’m moving country.  I’ll just bring what I think the essentials are and what made life easier for me the last time.

Babies come in so many different shapes and sizes and it doesn’t always depend on the size of your bump. Babies can also arrive early so I would recommend you start packing your hospital bag from 30 weeks. Your family can always run out and buy baby grows for you too. Its not the end of the world.

If you are attending Holles Street don’t forget your notes. At the moment you still bring your notes home. They are moving to electronic notes which will be much better for patients, especially ones with baby brain like me lol!

I have prepared two bags. One small weekend suitcase for my stay in the hospital and a medium sized bag. The medium bag is for the labour ward which will have bits for my husband and the baby and myself. Remember that if you forget anything someone can always run to the shop for you. I have summarised everything below in list format to make it easier for you when you do your own list! Everyone is different so just take the information you need from this.

The hospital bags I am bringing, just so you have an idea about the size.



Hospital Bag Check List

For Mom

Pillow – with a nice soft pillow case. I will get Rob to bring mine, the last time the pillows were too thin and uncomfortable. I am just going to leave this in the car until after labour. Bring whatever makes you feel good because no matter how easy the birth is our bodies go through so much and having a little comfort from home is always a good thing.
Snacks – I am always hungry so I will bring lots of fruit and healthy snacks.
Nursing Bras x2  – ( you can always get more brought in ) I got a lovely one in Dunnes, its really soft.  Marks and Spencers do really nice Maternity bras too.!bras&page=0

Maternity Sanitary Towels – They have some available in the hospital. I did find the boots ones great as they are soft and not huge (remember everything needs to come out that has been building up over the few months, sorry if thats tmi but better to be prepared).

Granny Pants – Penneys or Dunnes  – I wouldn’t spend a fortune on them, you will want to burn them afterwards! I have packed two packs. So 8 pairs altogether. They have black ones too which is great, and the bigger the better.
Labour outfit – I got the most gorgeous one as a gift from Me Mamma be, it has buttons on the shoulders so great for easy access and for skin to skin. It comes with a matching outfit for baby and a gorgeous pillow cover. All in the same print! I just love it.




Light weight dressing gown – I would recommend a dark coloured dressing gown. It’s better to be safe and go dark!

Maternity Night dresses x 3 – you can always get more brought in if you need them. I am breast feeding so I got two from Dunnes and one from Penneys. They all have easy access or buttons to make it easier when breast feeding and skin to skin too, which is great for bonding.

Hair bobbins – just bring a few in case.
Breast Pads – I have already started to leak so these are great to bring with you.

Lanolin – nipple cream – available in most pharmacies


Medela Manual Breast Pump – I personally found this manual pump brilliant. It worked much better for me then the electric one when expressing. So going to bring this with me

Nipple Shields – I used the Mam ones last time and they are brilliant, sometimes baby might have trouble latching on. They are so handy to have.

MultiMam Compresses

Arnica tablets and cream – great for healing – I bruise really easily.

Witch Hazel – I havent tried this before but it comes highly recommended. So going to try it this time around. Bendy straws – to help you take a drink during labour, can be difficult to drink water depending what position you are in.
Books / Magazines / Music – Ipod – just bring these to pass the time. I ended up being in the hospital the night beforehand labour so was delighted I brought a book and music. After Sofia was born she ended up in an incubator so we were in the hospital for a week. Having the kind of things passes the time. Download a few podcasts to listen too as well.
Ear Plugs – the wards can be very noisy
Water Spray for your face – I found this brilliant when I was in labour with Sofia, really refreshing as Maternity Hospitals are really hot. I got the Avéne one from Meaghers

Facecloth – handy to put in labour bag to wet and keep you cool
Lip Balm – a really nice moisturising one, also great if you plan on having gas and air.
Flip flops – brilliant for the shower, I forgot to bring them the last time and really wished I did.
Large and small dark towel                                                                                      Scrub gloves – I got a cheap pair in Penneys.If you have had an IV or drip the plaster may have marked your hands or arms and these are great for taking the sticker stuff off without hurting you.

Slip on Slippers – so you don’t have to bend down to put them on. I got a lovely pair in Tesco, I also got slipper socks in Penneys, they are lovely and cosy too. Fluffy socks for extra comfort.
Hair dryer / Straightener – I have these on the list to remind myself to leave them out. But Rob will bring them in with him when he is visiting.
Hair turban – in Penneys
Charger for your phone and a power bank
Dry Shampoo – I find the Moroccan oil dry shampoo brilliant, it has to be the best one on the market. I got the dark colour one ( obviously because of my hair colour ) Batiste is good too.
Hand cream – I find my hands are really dry at the minute anyway so I’ll bring this with me too.
Hand Sanitiser
Going home outfit – something really comfortable and loose fitting, that makes you feel good. Some maternity cloths that you found really comfortable
Toiletries – I got mini reusable bottles from Penneys. I’ve filled them up with all the products I use. Boots also do mini versions of shampoo and conditioner so that is an option too. I brought shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser body wash – make sure it is unscented or not perfumed as that could really hurt if you have had a section or stitches below. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush.  Deodorant, body moisturiser – I love the palmers coconut one, it smells divine. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser for your face.                                                                                  Sports water bottle                                                                                                       Makeup – I bring a bag with all my essentials, if you don’t wear it don’t bother. It just made me feel more human after I had Sofia so I am bringing it with me again. A little mirror is handy too.

I breast fed Sofia and will be doing the same with this little one. Sofia ended up in an incubator for a week so latching on was really difficult. I will be bringing nipple shields with me this time. They come with a little box and are brilliant if your little one is struggling to latch on. I found the Mam ones great. Compress pads and lanolin are ‘must haves’ if you decide to breast feed too.

For Baby

I put an outfit with a baby grow, vest, hat, mittens and nappy in a zip lock bag. Now you don’t necessarily have to do this. I did it so everything is organised. I have just marked first outfit and going home outfit. Going home outfit is basically a baby grow but has the thicker cardigan in it so the baby is nice and cosy for the trip home. I also washed everything for the baby, the vests, baby grows and hats. As I said before, Sofia has really sensitive skin so we use fairy non bio and I have used this for years.

Baby Delivery outfit

Baby grows x5 – I bought some from Marks and Spencers and Next. I got some really cute sets. We don’t know what we are having so they have really nice neutral options.,en_IE,pd.html?dwvar_P60105514_color=T4&start=

Vest x5 – Marks and Spencers, I have to say I love their quality and they wash really well.,en_IE,pd.html?dwvar_P22466607_color=Z0&start=

Cotton Hats x5 – Marks and Spencers and I got some really cute ones in Tesco.,en_IE,pd.html?dwvar_P60163356_color=Z4&start=

Cardigans x2 – I found it very hard to get nuetral colours for the baby, but I found this in M&S and thought it was gorgeous, the quality is amazing.,en_IE,pd.html?dwvar_P60099378_color=T1&start=

1 pack of Nappies – I got Pampers, basically because Sofia had really sensitive skin and couldn’t wear other nappies so I got Pampers this time just to be on the safe side. Use whatever brand works for you.
Scratch mitts x5 – Marks and Spencers and Dunnes do really cute sets with hats and matching mittens.
Nail clippers
Muslin Cloths x2                                                                                                          Vitamin D drops

Baby Towel – I washed this beforehand
Cotton Wool – I used just cotton wool and water when Sofia was a baby.
Cellular Blanket – I got a beautiful one in next. These are great to have and the safest option for babies as they are breathable.

Blanket – I am not bringing a sleep suit as our baby is due in June. But I have a thick blanket and nice heavy cardigan.
Nappy bags – you don’t really need these in the hospital but they are handy to bring their dirty cloths home in and don’t dirty anything else in your bag.
Outfit for going home
Car Seat – I would have this seat up and ready to go. We actually put ours in the other day because I went early with Sofia. But make sure you know how to use it and if you are not sure how to put it in the shop you bought it in should install it.

Birthing Partner

Change of clothes – its very hot in the delivery suite so I would recommend bringing them a change of clothes so they feel a bit fresher afterwards, I did this the first time around and was delighted I did.
Coins – for vending machine. Also for parking, I would recommend downloading a parking app so your birthing partner doesn’t have to leave to get to the car and put coins in. I am in Dublin so I use The Parking App and it is so handy.
Snacks – fruit, high in fibre bars, drinks
Magazines, books – or download a film on your Ipad depending if you have to wait around.
Extra plastic bag – for dirty clothes ( this is for me)
Charger if you have different phones (They could be the one’s making the call to your parents).
Comfortable shoes – They could be standing for a few hours.

I know it seems like a lot but I just like to be prepared. I ended up being in hospital for a week with Sofia. So you just don’t know how it is going to go. I have actually cut back on everything I was going to bring but they can be brought in at a later stage if I need them. Especially nightdresses and baby grows.
I have bought a little present from the baby to Sofia. I will make a big deal about this when she comes to visit. I think this is a great idea to ease them into the whole idea of being a big sister and know that the little person that will be a huge part of their world was very excited to meet them too.

If there is anything you would add, please comment in the post. I would love to hear your recommendations. It could help out another Mom too! We are all in this together.

Hope it’s useful for anyone who is pregnant, Whatever way it goes you will be great. Best of luck!! Xx

Lots of Love
Eimear xxx


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