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Best Finger Foods To Start With When Weaning

For added texture.

  1. Cooked Pasta: Choose small, soft pasta shapes like fusilli or penne, and cook them until they are well-cooked but not mushy.
  2. Oat Rings or Puffs: Commercial baby oat rings or puffs can be easy for your baby to pick up and dissolve in their mouth.
  3. Soft Fruits: Offer fruits like ripe pear slices, peach slices, or watermelon cubes. Ensure they are soft and cut into appropriate sizes.
  4. Cheese Cubes: Cut mild cheese into small cubes or sticks. Opt for varieties that are low in salt and additives.
  5. Cooked Eggs: Offer small pieces of scrambled eggs or omelette that are fully cooked and easy to hold.
  6. Cooked Chicken or Turkey: Shredded or diced pieces of cooked poultry can be a good source of protein.

Remember to always closely supervise your baby while they’re eating and be mindful of choking hazards. Start with foods that are easy to gum or dissolve, and gradually introduce more textures as your baby becomes more comfortable with chewing and swallowing. Every baby is different, so observe their reactions and adjust the finger foods based on their progress.


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